Thursday, December 3, 2009


Canyon is taking gymnastics at VIGS. He so loves it! But Canyon does not talk to kids his own age at all. This is one part of Autism that he really has. He has just gotten comfortable with my daycare kids and sometimes they still overwhelm him. But last night, when we got to gymnastics he was sooooo excited to be there, he almost killed himself getting on the floor. I notice when he went to sit down he ran right to this one little boy and started giggling and talking to him. I saw him say "HI" to him when he sat down. Then when they broke up in groups they were together and Canyon was jumping up and down that they got put together. I was AMAZED!!!!!! This is the first time I have seen Canyon interact with any kid his own age outside of the daycare kids. His Kindergarten teacher even says that he does play or talk to any of the kids in the class. I am sooooo thrilled he has made a "friend", his name is Alexander and he is an angel!!!

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