Friday, December 11, 2009

We're going to WORLDS We're going to WORLDS

OMG....what an incredible weekend in Philly. Fame rocked the PA Convention Center FULL force! You know you have made an impression on the cheering world, when my daughter was

approached in the elevator by another cheer gym parent and asked if she was from Fame? And when she replied yes, they said "Oh your the best aren't you". How big is her head now???? Chalyn's Jr 4 team was up against 3 other teams and took first place both days, with the crowd going wild for their dance...AMAZING you have to see for yourself. Senior Coed 5 was going to Philly to try and get a bid for Worlds 2010, which is in Disney. Not only did they bring it to the mat both days....they were AMAAAZING!!!! You could clearly tell Coed came for a bid and they wanted it! On Saturday night, they were in second place out of the whole competition. On Sunday, they knew they were going to have to be equally impressive and they so brought it they were just as AMMMMAZING! Not only did they get a bid, they got the highest score of the whole competition and a FULL paid bid!!!!!!!!!!! Now, for those of you who does not know what that means.... it means Chalyn is going to Worlds for FREE!!!!!!!! We are sooooo excited and I am so proud of them.

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